Dentistry for Kids

We Make Dentistry Fun For Kids

311 N. York Road, Elmhurst, Illinois.
Phone: (630) 833-1166
Fax: 630-833-1103

We are dedicated to providing a positive dental experience for our young patients… we make dentistry fun for kids.

We provide comprehensive dental care for children. We want all of our patients to experience lifelong good oral health, and childhood is the best time to instill good oral health habits and to administer preventive care. To this end, we provide:

  • diet and nutritional counseling
  • sealants
  • tooth-colored (composite) fillings
  • braces
  • cosmetic bonding
  • cosmetic bleaching
  • oral surgery
  • and space maintenance

Dental Care

Our office provides comprehensive dental care for children.

  • Infant and Preschool Years
  • Elementary School Years
  • Middle School Years
  • High School and Early College Years
  • Children with special needs*

* Office is Wheelchair accessible


Our website contains information about:

  • How to care for your child’s teeth
  • Latest in dental technology
  • Frequently asked questions from parents

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